As you make your way through webinar management, you’ll always find yourself utilizing emails. It is still one of the top promotional channels that can help you gain a significant percent of registrants. The way you format and design your webinar invite emails will impact the registration rate. Some managed webinar services can take care of your reminder emails and confirmation emails. But the key is to deliver a pretty compelling one, with all the right elements, right off the bat. 

Important Elements of a Webinar Invitation Email Template

Subject Line

Your subject line is the first thing that the audience will see. It should immediately grab their attention and inform them at the same time. It shouldn’t be too long nor too short either. To make your subject lines inviting, you can include a catchy phrase, the names of your speakers, or something that will incite urgency among the audience. 

Some examples of webinar invite subject lines are:

  • Don’t miss this webinar: “Webinar Title”
  • “Webinar Title”
  • Meet the speakers of [Webinar title or topic]
  • Last chance to join “Webinar Title”
  • Know secrets and tips from [webinar speaker/s]

4 W’s and 1 H

At the content of your email, you should supply the 4 W’s and 1 H to your audience. Specifically, the what, who, when, why, and how. Tell them what the webinar is all about, who will speak or who will they learn from. Tell them why they should not miss this webinar, when will it happen, and how they can register or tune in to your event.

These are the important details you should not leave out. Without these, you won’t be able to encourage the audience, and you won’t be able to properly promote your webinar. 

Call to Action

Your CTA button or link will complete the webinar invitation. This is what will bring the audience to your registration page which will then prompt them to fill it up with the necessary details.  Your CTA should be easily seen by the audience. Common CTAs used in webinar invitation emails are “Register now”, “Join us”, and “Save Your Seat”. 

Now that you know all the necessary elements, we’ve rounded up some pretty excellent examples of webinar invitation emails:

Best Examples of Webinar Invite Emails 

Bizzabo - Invite with three CTAs

bizzabo webinar invite

In this webinar invite from Bizzabo, they used three different versions of CTAs throughout the entirety of the email. There’s a CTA button on the header, a link in the main body, and another button at the end of the email. (Source)

Billy Gene - Invite with videos

billy gene webinar invite

Videos will make your invite email engaging and more persuasive. Billy Gene goes with this strategy and as a result, it makes an exciting webinar invitation for the audience. (Source)

Typecast - Invite with Scarcity

typecast webinar invite

Scarcity is the main focus of this webinar invitation from Typecast. This tactic will make the reader think that the spots for the webinar are limited and high demand, and that therefore it should not be missed. (Source)

AdWeek - Animated invite

adweek webinar invite

Animated invites make a fun and engaging webinar invitation templates. AdWeek utilized an attention-grabbing GIF in their own webinar invitation instead of using a regular banner header. (Source)

Buzzsumo - Data-driven invite

buzzsumo webinar invite

Buzzsumo highlights the value add from attending their webinar by backing it up with pretty compelling data. This strategy can be especially effective for audiences yearning for the same great outcome from the value offered by the webinar. (Source)

Listrak - Invite focused on questions

listrak webinar invite

Listrak uses questions to pique the interest of the audience in this invite. This kind of strategy allows you to connect with your audience through their struggles and pain points and encourages them to join the webinar to learn how to solve these problems. (Source)

Leanplum - Invite focused on information

leanplum webinar invite

This particular webinar invite prioritizes information rather than colorful logos or catchy content. This kind of invitation email will be useful when it comes to webinars that deal with serious matters or issues, just like how Leanplum used it for a webinar about GDPR. (Source)

Pay attention to your webinar invite emails and make sure they will be effective in gathering registrants. Keep these things in mind the next time you start your webinar email promotion.