Nowadays, conference calls have become an important tool for various organizations as it helps cut back on cost by providing a good alternative for face to face meetings. Moreover, it increases a company’s workforce productivity since the time that would be spent organizing traditional meetings is spent to do actual work instead.

Handling a conference call means dealing with diverse participants and managing their meetings that often contain sensitive company information, hence, choosing the right conference call provider is important. One of the main factors that must be considered is keeping conference calls secure. Increased usage of conference calls also pose a risk to organizations, among them uninvited guests and information leakage. Not only does having a secure conference call ensure that sensitive information of an organization remains confidential but this also protects client information from falling into the wrong hands.

In order to counter the risks that come with conferencing, multiple conference call services strive to up their game and include more features to maximize security. Here are some of them:

How to Increase Conference Call Security?

  1. Unique Passkeys - Normally, conference calls require only one passcode for everyone. However, this is risky as it increases the possibility of the password being leaked to other people that may or may not have malicious intent. Instead,unique passwords can be given to each participant to keep track of everyone that will join the conference. Since these passkeys can only be used once and by a specific participant, the risk of having unwanted guests is eliminated.
  2. Call Lock - Some hackers intrude in calls that have already started since the participants and the host’s attention are elsewhere. This can be avoided by simply locking the call after verifying that everyone who should be there is present. No one will be able to join the live conference call unless the moderator removes the call lock.
  3. Registration Page - Monitor all participants by requesting them to fill up a registration form asking for the necessary information such as their full name and contact details. This ensures that only invited guests are able to join the conference call.
  4. Roll Call - Set up a roll call before and after a conference call or whenever a participant leaves. This helps the moderator and the host figure out who are in the conference at any given time. Moreover, this aids in verifying each individual since it records participants when asked to cite their names.
  5. Dial out - Rather than just relying on dial in service where participants are given details and a passcode so they can manually enter a call, dial out service is much more reliable for it gives the operator or host full control in participant access. This feature further increases conference call security as well as gives the host the ability to dial out to participants residing in a different country.

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