Webinars can be a great addition to your marketing strategy for your business. You start with free webinars and as time goes by and as you gather more experience in conducting webinars, you’ll be able to venture on to paid webinars. However, paid webinars come with its own challenges, challenges that are riskier and much more elaborate. This makes paid webinars a lot harder to conduct. This is why it’s important that you do things right to make sure your own paid webinar will be a success.  

Here are several tips to help you in running paid webinars:

Get the best managed webinar service

Since you will be conducting a paid webinar, you need to make sure your participants will get the best webinar solutions so that they know they’re getting a top-quality webinar experience. For this, you need to make sure you have the best managed webinar service that will help you conduct your paid webinar. 

Here are some great webinar features your managed webinar service should have:

  • Branded online registration page
  • Secure payment processing
  • Interactive Q&A and chat feature
  • Live polls
  • Easy presentation features
  • Testing modules
  • Customized certificates
  • Webinar replay

These webinar solutions will guarantee that your webinar event will be trouble-free both for your participants and yourself. 

Decide on the right price

The price you’ll set will be a great factor in the success of your webinar. Set it too low and you may seem juvenile, set it too high and people may find it unjustifiable. To help you, take a look at the previous paid webinars from your competitors or from thought leaders you admire. Assess the topic or content they went with and the payment they asked from their participants. Take these into account and try to decide the price for your own webinar. Whatever you choose, make sure you’ll deliver great value. 

Make sure you have exclusive content

You have to let everyone know that you won’t just be providing common knowledge or established information in your paid webinar. Let them know that you’re offering content they won’t easily find or learn by themselves. Let the people know that you’re offering exclusive and substantial material that they will be able to utilize themselves. This will attract the appropriate target audience and will help justify the price you’ve set for your webinar. 

Offer something extra

Offering something extra can help ensure people that they will be getting something truly rewarding from your event. These can come in the form of certifications, online courses, workbooks, and more. Your participants will be able to use these materials to develop their skills and knowledge in their line of work, therefore adding value to your webinar and giving the people all the more reasons to attend your event. 

Create urgency

Paid webinars need a little more push, a more dedicated marketing strategy, to ensure that people will be encouraged to sign up and attend. One way you can do this is by creating urgency. In your email invites or social media posts, tell people that you’re only accepting a limited number of participants or that you’re only accepting participants until a specific day or time. This will help urge people to see more details about your webinar and register for your event. 

Promote the replay

The replay, which will be used for the on-demand viewing, can also help you maximize your paid webinar even after the live session has ended. Take the time and effort to promote the replay. This will give your original participants the chance to rewatch your webinar, give the non-attendees a chance to catch up and see the webinar they paid for, and most importantly, reach a new set of audience.