As important as gaining new customers is, there’s another crucial thing you should keep in mind when you run a business: building long-term trust with your audience. Gaining new customers will mean little to nothing if you break their trust. The chances of gaining fans and loyal customers will dwindle, your brand image might be tainted. 

Here are some of the main reasons why it’s important to build trust with your audience:

  • Happy and satisfied customers are a great marketing strategy. When your customers are happy and satisfied with your products or services, they will talk for sure. They’ll leave reviews online, talk about it to other people, and more. This will all make an excellent marketing strategy. 
  • It strengthens your credibility and reputation. The more people find you trustworthy, the more your credibility and reputation will improve, which will help you build your brand. 
  • It establishes your place and visibility in the industry and in the market. If people trust your brand, your business will gain visibility and earn your place in the industry. 
  • Customers are the main reason you exist. Without your current customers and potential ones, your business won’t exist. You need to win their trust and their loyalty, so you can continue to operate, earn a profit, and grow. 

It’s a good thing that conducting webinars can also be an excellent way to build that trust and gain a well-founded relationship with customers. 

Here’s how you can build long-term trust with your audience through webinars:

Create interactive presentations and sessions

If you really want to win the trust of your audience, you need to create more interactive presentations and sessions. Catch their attention with webinars that they will find educational and beneficial. A webinar that has too much self-promotion will just set them off the wrong path. Make your webinars more audience-centric and it will get the audience to trust you more. 

Analyze feedback

Feedback is also quite important if you’re looking to build that trust between you and your audience more. Apart from the usual testimonials, oral surveys and interviews, social media listening and monitoring, you can also get feedback from webinar surveys. Analyze this feedback and utilize it to see if there’s anything you can improve on or see if there’s any concern you should address. If people know you do your research and that you’re listening to them, they’ll know to trust you. 

Offer loyalty reward programs

You could also offer loyalty reward programs when you finally make your sales pitch at your webinars. These loyalty programs can be effective in encouraging people to try a new product or service or keep on patronizing them. Sit down with your team and brainstorm what kind of incentive you will give, figure out the mechanics, write down the rules, guidelines, and more. If successful, your loyalty program can give you a steady stream of fans as time goes by.


Build trust at each stage of the customer’s journey

From the awareness stage to the consideration stage, to the decision stage and the loyalty stage, you need to be there every step of the way. Conduct webinars that will be appropriate for every stage in the customer’s journey and learn how to gain their trust in each. After an educational webinar for the awareness stage, create interview or panel webinars that can help the consideration stage. And then you can create a training webinar for those who have availed your products.

You can think of more ways how you can utilize webinars to build long-term trust with your audience. If you commit to it, a great relationship with your customers will help you grow and succeed in the future.