Do quality webinars always guarantee great attendance?

Not if you don’t promote it well enough. Like any other content, a finished webinar won’t meet its goal if it isn’t seen and attended by the right target audience. 

To supplement your hard work on creating effective webinar content, you must go out there and make an effort to promote it, to make sure that your registration page will reach the right people. Ideally, you may have to allot four to six weeks before the actual webinar schedule to promote it and tweak it depending on how long ahead of time works best for you, but you can’t expect a downpour of registrants if you only promoted it overnight. There are no shortcuts to a successful webinar. 

You can’t just rely on organic searches either. Do not assume that people will eventually find out about your webinar if they only stroll around the endless space that is the internet. 

The question now is how exactly do you get the word out there? Besides from a webinar management service, how do you make it visible enough for people to register and ultimately attend your webinar? 

These are some of the Effective Ways in Which You Can Promote Your Webinar:

Send out email invites

Your first action should be to send out email invites to people who are already a part of your active contact list. These are the people who may have been your previous clients or people who have inquired through your website, basically, anyone who has made contact either with you or your team directly, or through the website or other relevant pages. It would also help if you can personalize it depending on your team’s history with a particular individual. Say, for example, according to past emails, an individual has inquired about one of your services, you can then start the conversation by relating his or her previous inquiry to the webinar you are promoting. If you do newsletters, you might as well promote your webinar through it too. 

Utilize social media channels

You have Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn at your disposal. Some people may underestimate the power these channels have over branding and awareness but they’re actually great tools in generating leads. You can tweak your captions a little bit depending on the channel you’re using for tone and consistency purposes. You can tweak the registration page link by including FB, LI, or TW at the end of it as a way to categorize registrants into which social media channel they registered. This way, you’d have an idea of which channel works the best for you in terms of generating leads. 

Add a pop-up

You can create a pop-up window to inform website visitors about your upcoming webinar. But make sure that it is appealing enough because you only have a few seconds to attract them and make them register for your event. Make your call to action button and title catchy but be careful not to make your pop-up window too distracting that it negatively affects the user experience of people browsing. If possible, you can also coordinate with your web development team to create an announcement in the sidebar or every website page for additional visibility. 

Put out a press release

You can also write and post a press release on your website and at the same time, send it out to journalists as another means to raise awareness. This is one of the ways to promote your webinar to professionals, industry experts, and thought leaders other than consumers and clients.

Create a blog post

Write a short article about the webinar topic and encourage readers to attend the webinar to learn more about it. Make your article interesting enough that it drives the readers to register for your webinar. 

Maximize visuals

Relying merely on texts is not enough to catch the attention of your clients and prospect attendees. Create infographics and use engaging images and icons to further emphasize your event, or to use for webinar details — which you can re-use to create a more effective webinar. If you have the time and resources, you can also create a teaser video. It can be 30 seconds to 2 minutes long covering all the important webinar details or have the speakers encourage visitors to spare some time for your webinar. 

Leverage the audience of your guest speakers

Your webinar guest speakers have an audience or a following of their own which you can leverage to further boost the exposure of your webinar. Tag your guest speaker on social media platforms, share their posts, or have them write a blog for your website or vice versa. There are many ways you can take advantage of this and promote your webinar to the public. 

Make use of visual content

Aside from blogs, email invites, and social media posts, you can also make use of visual content. Think videos, GIFs, infographics, and more. You can use all of these to entice your audience and encourage them to sign up for your webinar.  

Creativity and wit combined with all these effective ways will surely boost your webinar’s success rate. Apart from that, you should largely consider a reliable webinar service provider and the audience you are targeting to reach, whether it be a webinar for the millennial generation, the baby boomers, or the current generation Z, it’s important that you customize it accordingly.