As modern workforces around the world increasingly adopt telecommuting practices, businesses turn to audio and web conferencing options for communication. This is especially true for online and global organizations with employees in multiple locations all over, and employees would rely on phone and web conferencing providers to link them internally and externally to partners or clients on an everyday basis.

However, as with any other product or service, nothing flawlessly runs forever - especially with technology where a lot of factors come into play such as infrastructure, equipment, or a reliable service provider. It could be anything - a natural disaster, some unfortunate freak accident, human error - that could sever your organization’s line or cause a halt of conference call services anytime, which is why it is of utmost importance that you exercise due diligence when looking for a reliable conferencing service provider. You do not want to end up with a conference call service that would leave you hoping that plain old negligence did not cost your business money or jeopardize business operations and opportunities.

Looking for the Right Service

It is vital for every industry sector to maintain communication and retain service continuity because it is not just what the call will be about, but also what it means to be reliable and trustworthy to your clients. At the end of the day, customers’ trust and knowledge that you are a consistently capable partner are keys to building your business and maintaining your existing customer  base.

Once you’ve identified the value of uninterrupted, 100% up-time conferencing to your organization or purpose, it’s time to identify the service with the features that align with your organization’s priorities and needs.

Must-have Features of a Reliable Conferencing Service

  • System redundancy and backup features. In the event of a conference call service outage, a provider must have 100% built-in system redundancy and auto failover when a switch is needed. It is very important that a conferencing service uses various network providers and has the ability to address any and all connectivity issues that may arise. Backup systems should also include automatic disaster routing and be geographically dispersed in case of geographically isolated events such as natural disasters.
  • Highly implemented contingency processes. After ensuring that your provider has the necessary call continuity capabilities, it is also a must-know if their internal contingency plans are highly implemented. Communicate your needs and expectations and investigate or gauge their commitment to their contingency plans. After all, what’s the use of backup infrastructure if no one knows how to use them?
  • Round the clock customer support. While most providers promise customer support, not everyone provides immediate support at every client’s beck and call. Your conference call provider should have operators standing by to assist callers in the event that something does go wrong. The last thing you want is to have conference call participants wondering what is going on with no indication of whether or not a call will resume.

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